Indoor Soccer Winter Session at Sports World East Windsor – 12-2-17 Windsor vs Granby2009 (u9/u10)

Windsor won a close battle on Saturday at the Bubble vs Granby 2009 3-2.  The save of the game came by Braden when Granby had a long breakaway when the game was tied up.  Windsor had its own breakaway for the game-winning goal by Elijah!!

The Save – Great Job Braden!!Ahw-ma0J-cY2gY8K3mfqhVKp8c4cYQ

The Game Winner – Great Job Elijah!!Ahw-ma0J-cY2gY8MTWr_YCY02gKguQ

First half Highlights!Ahw-ma0J-cY2gY8NR-8J9Fk4kgLTaQ

Second half Highlights!Ahw-ma0J-cY2gY8LQ_u8SHBStJv0_A

Full 1st Half!Ahw-ma0J-cY2gY8ITygfTmwDO-jqUg
Full 2nd Half!Ahw-ma0J-cY2gY8JcVDil0uQ99iBCw

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